Trekking Tips

Helpful multi-day hiking pointers that I have developed over my time spent on the world’s most beautiful trails.

Trekking Gear — The Essentials

You’re at the complete mercy of Mother Nature when trekking into the wilderness. Volatile weather, sparse water sources, steep and brutal terrain — its all a fact of life in the unpredictable back country. Harsh conditions will test your resilience and push your gear to the limits. If you’re trying to put together an effective […]

Above view of all necessary trekking gear laid out across a carpet

My Complete Lightweight Trekking Gear List

  The gear you bring along on a multi-day trek can make or break the trip. Too much weight, poorly fitting boots, or an uncomfortable backpack will distract you from your surroundings and slow you down. I have spent years researching and accumulating what I believe is the best lightweight gear for a comfortable multi-day […]